The right people and talent are now at the forefront of a company’s ability to navigate globalisation and economic uncertainty. Larger companies are needing to re-invent themselves away from traditional management structures to people centred strategies that will ultimately disrupt markets.

Stacy Smith has a proven track record of executive leadership having worked globally and spent the last three decades at Intel leading organisations across multiple disciplines where he led 40,000 employees. His people centred leadership has allowed him to evolve and disrupt markets as he now focuses on reinventing the legacy brand of Toshiba Memory - now named Kioxia Holding Corporation.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

- How talent and people centred leadership is critical in a company like Toshiba Memory;
- How embracing the consensual style leadership of a Japanese company can help drive fast decisions when done correctly;
- How passion, diversity, a clear mission and well thought out metrics is critical to driving the success of a business;
- How to apply people diversity in a practical way; and,
- How tying people’s motivation to the mission of the company is one of the most important skills of being a great leader.

Stacy Smith full version Masterclass

Executive Chairman of Toshiba Memory Corporation - now named Kioxia Holdings Corporation - and board member of Autodesk and The Nature Conservancy of California shares his views on People and Talent, touching on:

- How to reorient a company and maintain an identity while changing;
- Japanese business culture and globalisation;
- Maintaining internal focus while continuing to hire the best talent from outside;
- Leading with passion, motivating people and creating a mission for the company; and,
- How being realistic and keeping calm is essential to the CEO role.

Stacy Smith #1 - Brand legacy

Stacy provides a history of the legacy brand Toshiba Memory.

Stacy Smith #2 - Driving demand

Stacy talks about how demand is being driven by an explosion of data and that a people centric approach and great employees is critical in navigating this.

Stacy Smith #3 - Accomplish the mission

Stacy believes that having the best possible people around you will unleash energy and accomplish the mission.

Stacy Smith #4 - Identity through change

Stacy shows us how to build a new identity in a global company that is so iconic and going through enormous change.

Stacy Smith #5 - Reorientation

Stacy looks at how to re-orient Toshiba memory which was once a division inside a larger conglomerate to now becoming a disrupter in new markets.

Stacy Smith #6 - Japanese business culture

How to work with a Japanese business culture and use consensus to drive faster decision making.

Stacy Smith #7 - External focus

How staying externally focused will stop you from being disrupted.

Stacy Smith #8 - Hiring

Hiring from a customer base as well as building capacity near to our customers will creates efficiencies.

Stacy Smith #9 - Passionate leadership

Stacy believes passion is one of the most important qualities of a leader and as part of his own leadership he empowers people to really focus on what they are most passionate about and to always stay focused on the mission.

Stacy Smith #10 - Company mission

Stacy discusses the importance of tying people’s individual purpose with the company mission and that every person’s motivation is different.

Stacy Smith #11 - Motivating the workforce

How can you motivate people? By giving them what's most important to them. But identifying what that is for each individual is not as easy as it might at first seem.

Stacy Smith #12 - Diversity

The various aspects of diversity and how to bring that in to the company through consensus decision and metrics and how to get diversity to work in practice.

Stacy Smith #13 - Being realistic

Stacy talks about the need to be realistic when driving the goals of an organisation and uses an example of manufacturing operations.

Stacy Smith #14 - The CEO's role

Understanding your CEO role, knowing how to find balance by treating the role as a marathon not a sprint, looking at how to integrate different stages of your life into your work and how to manage time effectively.

Stacy Smith #15 - Keeping calm

As a leader why it’s important to keep your calm during a crisis and stay focused on solving the problems.

Stacy Smith #16 - Driving change

How to best manage time and focusing on the most important stuff.

Stacy Smith #17 - Driving change 2

If you want to drive change, you need to work independent of the organisation structure and ensure you are spending time in the right area area.

Stacy Smith #18 - Globalisation

Globalisation is a positive thing in the world and creates an interconnectedness.

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